"We used Roger Williams Builder to do a remodel in our 1960s house and were thrilled with the finished product. We have done about 10 remodel/additions/new construction projects over the past 30 years and Roger Williams was one of the top contractors that we have used. Here's why we liked them: they helped make really good design decisions that ended up greatly improving the living space, they got the job done on time, we were completely informed about the status regularly, they did very high quality work including replacing two items (a door and a shower head) that they felt were not perfect (and I might never have noticed). The follow through was exceptional and best of all they are nice people who are easy to work with. Pricewise, they were worth every penny, and we felt they were fair with their estimates. We strongly recommend them for any project."

Pamela Burns - Belle Mead, NJ


"Ron’s team replaced a hardwood floor in our attic and absolutely transformed the room. The work was done impeccably, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. He took care with us at the estimate stage and throughout the project. We could not be more thrilled with the customer service and work from Rogers Williams Builder. Thank you for a wonderful experience! We know who we will call for our next job, for sure."

Erika Knudson and Henry Schilb - Trenton, NJ


“When a tree falls through your roof and winds up in your living room, it’s important to have a remodeler you can trust to make your house ‘whole’ again - one who will come and not only fix it quickly – but will fix it correctly! Hurricane Sandy hit a lot of people hard. We were one of them. We had gone to bed – it was about 9pm - when we heard a loud crack and then the crashing sound of a large tree falling through our roof, screened porch and into our living room. It was scary! By 7:30am, I was on the phone to Dick at williams-BUILDER. They showed up that day and began the challenging work of making our house ‘whole’ again. Williams-BUILDER took care of removing the debris, getting all the permits and approvals, and stayed on the job until it was done. They have wonderful subcontractors, too, that have been working with them for many years, so we had a great comfort level.

Working with williams-BUILDER is always a pleasure. Over a 30 year span, they have worked on our house 4 or 5 times, transforming a small 2 bedroom house, that looked like a rectangular trailer, into a beautiful, comfortable and modern home. From expanding the windows for better light and lake views to remodeling our kitchen, to adding a bedroom, enclosing a porch and adding a screened porch, no job was too small or too big - their design/build capabilities are amazing. When you look at our house today, you would never know that we had a tree ‘growing’ in our living room only a few months ago.

williams-BUILDER has always stood behind their work; their professionalism, integrity and craftsmanship are unchallengeable. In the long run, they are also the least expensive! You get what you pay for, and we will always call williams- BUILDER for any remodeling projects. They are simply the best!”

Shirley and Jim Guard - Princeton, NJ


"My wife, Stacy, loves to cook. But we had a small kitchen, that wasn’t very workable – with a dire lack of counter space. We knew we wanted a new kitchen, we knew what we liked, we had our own style and some form of a vision of what we wanted, but we really didn’t have a clear understanding on how to put our thoughts into reality. Dave, our salesman and designer, quickly grasped our style and vision and developed several very creative ideas and options that ultimately resulted in the kitchen we couldn’t quite imagine – the kitchen of our dreams. Dave designed the position of each appliance, cabinets and drawers with maximum functionality in mind, allowing for seamless movement when creating a gourmet meal to packing the kids lunches to cleaning up.

We began with a massive gutting of the old kitchen and mud room, and bumped out the side of the house with a 12 x 16 addition with a cathedral ceiling. The exterior addition needed to integrate seamlessly with the old exterior – and williams-BUILDER made it look like it had always been there. Fred recalled a design issue raised early on by Dave’s involving a support header and how he felt it needed to be set into the ceiling to create a natural transition. While this was different from other rooms in the house, Dave strongly advised us to deviate from the other rooms given the cosmetic draw-backs. In the end, we took Dave’s advice and spent a little more money, but we completely agree that it was money well spent. He was right! It opened up the space creating an airy, spaciousness atmosphere that we wouldn’t have had, if he hadn’t insisted. I know now, I would have regretted it, after the fact, when it was too late.

Everyone at williams-BUILDER was terrific. From the craftsman, Tim and Ken, who were there from the beginning during the demolition process straight through to the finishing touches – who became like family – right through to Harry Williams, the owner, who had a knack for showing up unexpectedly to make sure everything was going according to plan. He knows his stuff, takes great pride in his work and genuinely cares about his clients.

Being in project management myself, I have a deep appreciation for scheduling and keeping jobs moving along. Ken, our Project Manager, was awesome! He kept us informed, consulted us on issues, and scheduled all the craftsmen. The entire process went remarkably smoothly. Dave was very hands on, too, throughout the project. Many days, I was surprised he didn’t pick up a hammer himself and start working! Everyone took the time needed to get the job done and done right. They were very professional and unusually caring about how they left the job every night. They were neat and tried to keep everything as clean as possible – not an easy task when you are putting on an addition. Even the subs were very conscientious making sure we were satisfied with the workmanship.

With such a positive experience, there is no doubt in my mind that we would recommend williams- BUILDER highly, and in fact, have done so already."

Fred and Stacy Confer - Hopewell Twp, NJ


'Williams-BUILDER turned our dingy basement into a magical place for our son and the whole family! Our child was growing out of the toddler stage, and his needs and mess were growing, too. We needed a place where he could play safely, provide ample storage space, as well as a place for watching TV, exercising, or reading for the whole family. Williams-BUILDER succeeded in accomplishing our needs and desires - they turned our basement into a magical space! They were easy to work with, and utilizing their design/build capabilities and creative vision, they were able to provide us with the perfect space for our young son to play – a place with bright colors encouraging his imagination and creativity, room for his toys and books, a chalkboard wall for life-size artwork, and a “fort” where he and his friends could spend hours of fun time playing. We now have separate areas for watching TV, exercising, reading and spending time together, too. Williams-BUILDER took a personal interest in our project, were willing to work with us to accomplish what we were envisioning, and they were very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend Williams- BUILDER.”

Kalpana Raman - West Windsor, NJ 


“I grew up in Allentown, and I always loved and admired this house,” explained Nancy Tindall, of Allentown, NJ, about her circa 1885 home. “I finally had the chance to own it a few years ago, but it needed some remodeling, renovation, and restoration – to accommodate my furniture and things, and to make it more comfortable for me.” Everything about Nancy Tindall’s home called to her. She loved the location – it was right across the street from the church she attends and is an active participant there. She could walk to everything – it’s around the corner from downtown. And it suited her myriad inherited antiques and hundreds of books. There was no doubt in Nancy’s mind who would be called to help with the restoration and remodeling. Harry Williams, President of Williams-BUILDER was the one and only remodeler she would trust with such a project. She had worked with the company before on her home in Robbinsville, and knew the quality of craftsmanship and materials, attention to detail, and most importantly to Nancy, they were willing to work collaboratively with her.

“Harry and I sat down one afternoon and talked – or rather, I talked, and he listened. We didn’t talk specifics about what the kitchen would look like, or whether to close up a wall. No, Harry wanted to know how I envisioned living in my house. What mattered most to me in my life. We talked about reconfiguring the space and moving the living to the back of the house. When were done, he told me he was going to come back with some ideas about how to accomplish my dreams. From that point forward, we worked together collaboratively - Harry always listening carefully to my thoughts, ideas and concerns. He came up with some wonderful ideas like how to get a half bath on the first floor in a space that was less than 4 feet wide. In the kitchen, we matched the doors of the cabinets to the original recessed panel doors throughout the house, and Harry came up with some incredibly clever ways to efficiently utilize every bit of space for storage and cabinetry. Together we created an open floor plan for the kitchen and family room – more like a small Great Room. We added a fireplace that I can see from the kitchen or sit cozily by in the evenings. Harry is a great one for bringing the outside in, and he made sure my home was light-filled and bright. The house is narrow and deep, and we knew we wanted to bump out the back of the house to extend the family room and add a back entry. As we proceeded, I realized that I didn’t have any place to store my vacuum. These old houses have very little closet space! Harry designed a cupboard in the back entry that not only gave me a place for my vacuum cleaner, he also managed to gain enough space for shelves for scarves, hats, gloves, and more! Upstairs, we also bumped out my bedroom and bathroom. Again Harry’s design ideas brought the outside in. We uncovered a window in the bathroom to add light and added a wall of windows across the back of my bedroom. These light-filled rooms brighten my world every day. He also figured out space for a laundry room off my bedroom, so that I wouldn’t have to go to the basement. And that’s how it went throughout the entire renovation. Williams-BUILDER was meticulous in modernizing the house for livability, but maintaining its original integrity. It was a great opportunity for me to work collaboratively with such creative and professional builders. In my mind, there is only one person I would call for any home maintenance, repair, renovation, or restoration – williams-BUILDER. I knew their reputation. There was a trust there. And I knew that the finished product would reflect what I wanted. It does!”

Nancy Tindall - Allentown, NJ