DesignBUILD is a building methodology rooted in antiquity, when the master builder was typically both the designer and assembler of the project he envisioned; it is a means of project delivery in which a single entity provides the client the services necessary to design and construct all, or a portion of, the total project.

At RWB, our designBUILD process stresses a collaborative rapport between the homeowner and our professionals in order to maximize results while affording optimal value. Working closely with each client, our process begins with the homeowner’s vision, proceeds with design and architectural drawings of the project, and culminates with a beautifully finished remodel that usually exceeds the client's expectations.

Our time-tested services include:

  • Consultation with the homeowner to establish the project's purpose and set planning goals
  • Assess the existing physical condition of the project's site
  • Define the scope of work required
  • Create a prioritized list of changes to the existing project's site
  • Measure and draw existing conditions
  • Provide an architectural schematic design of finished project concept
  • Estimate construction price based on concepts, within a range of 20%
  • Develop a budget with the homeowner
  • Establish a project completion date

Working with our design and construction professionals, homeowners can expect to enjoy the invaluable benefit of dealing with a single company focused exclusively on their needs, circumstances and budgets. Rather than having to endure the complexities, uncertainties, and cost concerns associated with traditional the construction process, our clients receive everything they need to complete their project--from start to finish--in one place, with one contact, under one roof.

Our designBUILD services provide clients with many advantages, including:

  • A combination of design and construction services "overlap", ensuring consistency of architectural and structural elements
  • Crystal clear contractual responsibilities
  • Greater flexibility with regard to project revisions
  • No project coordination responsibilities for homeowners
  • Potentially lower project costs
  • Pricing determined prior to start of construction
  • Input from all parties involved in the project
  • Establishment of mutual trust
  • More timely delivery
  • Handling of State registration requirements